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my software

Art Software

Clip Studio Paint PRO

Most of my art is done in Clip Studio Paint Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

Art from mid-2022 and prior was mostly created in Paint Tool SAI.

Capture Software

I use the open source capture application OBS Studio for all my live streams. A lot of credit to RadiantSoul for teaching me how to create some of the effects and transitions. This software is entirely free and open source. Don’t get scammed in to similar sounding applications, OBS Studio is the original and best.

VTuber Software

This software is constantly in flux, and different combinations of software are used depending on the situational requirement. Here is a list of common vtuber software that I have experimented with and use as part of my live streams.

3D Models

2D Models

Details for 3D model programs

Application Price Face tracking VR Leap Motion Tobii eye tracker VMC Protocol iFacialMocap Desktop tracking iPhone required Platform Gaze tracking Eyebrow tracking Models Account required
VSeeFace free OpenSeeFace, 66pt no yes no send, receive (from two sources) yes no no Windows yes yes VRM, VSFAvatar (Unity asset bundle) no
Tracking World free yes no no send, receive no no no Windows no no VRM no
Virtual Motion Capture free/¥300 yes no yes send (paid only), receive no no no Windows yes (Tobii) no VRM no
VMagicMirror free DlibFaceLandmarkDetector, 17pt no no no no yes yes no Windows no no VRM no
Luppet trial/¥6,000+ ULSee Lite, 30pt no yes no no yes no no Windows no, moves with head no VRM full version requires login
VUP free Faceunity no yes no no no no no Windows yes maps to expressions VRM yes
SUVA $4.99 yes no yes no no no no Windows yes (Tobii) no Unity asset bundle no
Hitogata free Dlib, custom? no no no no no no no Windows no? yes Character maker, FBX, VRM no
Wakaru free Dlib, 68pt no no no no no no no Windows yes yes VRM no
3tene free/¥2,000 Dlib, 68pt 3tenePRO only yes no no no no no Windows, Mac no no VRM no
VDRAW ¥1,000 Banuba Face AR no no no no no no no Windows ? ? VRM ?
Waidayo free ARKit no no no send no no yes iPhone yes yes VRM no
VKatsu free Dlib, 68pt yes no no no no no no Windows no yes Character maker (restricted use), paid export to Virtual Cast only no
VTuber Maker/Live3D free/free trial BaiduFace no no no no no no no Windows ? ? Character maker ($19.99) yes
Animaze free/various fees Hyprface no yes no no no no no Windows yes yes VRM (needs conversion for Animaze) no

Details for 2D model programs

Application Price Face tracking iPhone required
VTube Studio (Steam) free with watermark/12.49€ OpenSeeFace 66pt, ARKit/ARCore no
PrprLive free/$9.99 DLC IntraFace/GameAnimoji no
FaceRig $14.99+ plus $3.99 (Live2D DLC) ULSee, 66pt no
Animaze free/various fees Hyprface no


3tene is pronounced “mitene” from Japanese みてね, not “threeteen”.

Additional explanations:

  • iPhone means that an iPhone is basically required
  • iFacialMocap support means that tracking data can be received from the iFacialMocap iPhone app
  • VMC protocol means that the application can send and/or receive tracking data from other VMC protocol capable applications, allowing the combination of multiple tracking methods (e.g. VSeeFace receiving VR tracking from Virtual Motion Capture and iPhone/ARKit face tracking from Waidayo)
  • Tobii means that the Tobii eye tracker is supported
  • VR means that VR tracking is used and no camera based tracking is supported
  • Desktop means that mouse and keyboard input is captured and can be used to animate the avatar instead of or in addition to face tracking
  • Leap Motion means that hand and finger tracking through Leap Motion is supported

The order of this list is arbitrary and quite possibly biased, since I develop VSeeFace. Please also note that this list only includes information about tracking, not about other features like transparent background support, model formats and so on.

You can find another overview by Runa Yukiko here.

Huge shout out to Emiliana_vt for compiling this list and making it available on github.

all links are amazon affiliate links where possible